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Mind Sharper is a well known and a reputed name in the field of education that has been guiding students since 20th Jan, 2015. It's highly qualified professionals not only provide conceptual learning to the students but also analysis their performances on a regular basis. It provides an enthusiastic learning environment with a precised batch size so that each student may get personal attention and guidance. In the vision of Mind Sharper money has never been an obstacle/hindrance in the process of education, it provides an affordable learning platform for all the students.

Every child is a born scholar...

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What We Provide

Coaching Classes

We provide coaching class for mostly subject

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Computer Courses

Mind Sharper provide computer courses

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Art Classes

Mind Sharper help to create artist

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Dance Classes

Lets learn dance with Mind Sharper

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Language Speaking

Learn language speaking with mind sharper

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Results 2024

Suruchi (96%)

Suruchi got 96% marks in year 2024 of class 10th

Nancy Gupta (90.6%)

Nancy Gupta got 90.6% marks in year 2024 of class 12th

Palak Jangra (87%)

Palak Jangra got 87% marks in year 2024 of class 12th

Mohit (86.4%)

Mohit got 86.4% marks in year 2024 of class 10th

Krishna (84%)

Krishna got 84% marks in year 2024 of class 12th

Ashiq (83.8%)

Ashiq got 83.8% marks in year 2024 of class 10th

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Mind Sharper

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